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Have you ever longed that you had an apparatus to make your customized IVR arrangement, an instrument which ought to empower you to make IVR arrangements yourself and liberates you from bothers of reaching the product merchant for even minor customization. All things considered, if the answer is YES, then Risetechsolution IVRS is the thing that you are searching for.
Risetechsolution IVRS is an intense Call preparing environment that permits you to manufacture custom,Interactive Voice applications that permits guests to get to data put away in databases,text records, system drives or for all intents and purposes anyplace. It is anything but difficult to learn and simple use by new and master clients. An arrangement of predefined charges or hubs furnishes you with an approach to effectively make unpredictable and adaptable call streams, which have highlights like Call Transfer, FAX on Demand, Text to discourse and Speech Recognition.
Expanding the profitability of call focus specialists has dependably been an objective. Be that as it may, in today’s commercial center there is another order: Make the most astounding rate of effective contacts, agree to inbound/outbound regulations while keeping up the most productive spending plan conceivable. With Risetechsolution Quick Call Dialer you can accomplish these outcomes.
Risetechsolution creates contact focus arrangements that convey the advantages of client relationship and client administration innovation to the quickest developing section of the multi-billion dollar contact focus market. Little and medium endeavors, offices/branches of expansive ventures and outsourcers need contact focus innovation to give fantastic backing and intuitive administrations for their clients.
Risetechsolution Contact Center offers a complete suite of utilizations including Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Predictive Dialer, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Computer Telephony (CTI), Skills-based Routing, Recording, Monitoring, Billing and Centralized Management and Administration.
CTI define as computer-telephony integration or "computer telephony," is the process of computers to handle telephone calls. It is used in relating the computerized services of call centres, which direct the call to the right section at a business you're making a call. It's also occasionally used to depict the aptitude of your personal computer to commence & handle phone calls.

CTI applications offer the capability to do many tasks:
  • Here you will get a Validate caller. Making use of several standard sources, the telephone number of the caller could get monitor beside database.
  • You have to identify a voice, moreover for confirmation or for message forward.
  • Making use of it live, recorded voice or touch-tone pierce effort, verify how to progress a call.
  • Gives interactive voice response which is also called (IVR) in short form to the callers
  • It helps contest the digit of a caller with a client trace & show it for position when chatting with the caller
  • handle voice or video symposium
  • accumulate & demonstrate awaiting live calls or messages that have been absent by callers
  • obtain fax messages & direct them to apt fax machines
  • For outbound calling such as telemarketing, pre-dial callers
  • Liable on call effort, begin a elegant mediator form to offer support with the caller's appeal
As we know that high quality, consistent surveillance cameras maintain an attentive eye on your provision even when you are not there in the premises you will get the entire information. You will be enjoying wonderful peace of mind and no source of tension at all. Risetchsolutions is the wide working technology service provider, which also offers a full line of IP cameras, network switches, software technologies, assisting organizations to install IP surveillance structure along with the litheness, scalability, concert & compatibility ordinary from better security merchant. It offers different forms of cameras in lowest price.
Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via keypad. Did you ever desired to get that you got a tool to form your bespoke IVR resolution, a device which must allow you to form IVR answer yourself & frees you starting pester of contact the software seller for flush trivial customizations.
A voice logger is a device or program used to record audio information from telephones, radios, microphones and other sources for storage on a computer's hard drive or removable media. The Digital Voice Logger is a compressed, inventive, set of the art digital stereo that concurrently accounts as numerous routes of telephone calls. It observes evidence, repossess, log, reassess, analyze & accomplish practically at real time substantiation of telephone discussion with comfort.
In the past history, you will have to hit in a sequence of numbers to get it capable to complete your call. The VMS holds all the kind of a competent auto–assistant & voice mail function and the latest technology of speech gratitude. All put jointly, to transform your business.
  • The Dialler Software for the process of Outbound.
  • The Pop Up Screen for adopting the Client Information to mediator.
  • The Call Center Recording & Monitoring Software
  • The Training & Monitoring promotes Call Center Service Quality.
  • The Mediator Scripting for Intelligent Agent & Customer connections.
  • The Call Center record enquiry Builders – Campaign Management Tools.
  • The Web-based interface supervision.

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Risetechsolution show a decisive task in facilitating its customers to convey lively video, voice, data & wireless services, which is been accounted a vital stuff to the businesses & consumers.

Risetechsolutions offers, high-level fiber connectivity & wireless reporting & aptitude solutions hold up a broad choice of network application that aids the company's buyers, offering recent & better services to convene the customers' unremitting wish for bandwidth.


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